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100% Genuine  MAZAYA  which is much  better in flavor, smells and texture.
About mazaya
Mazaya’s Tobacco-Molasses is distinguished by its unique ingredients that include: premium quality French tobacco, medical glycerin, pure honey and natural flavors food grade (alcohol-free).
The manufacturing process goes through several specific phases that are handled with utmost professionalism, starting from the hand-picking of the premium tobacco leaves until they are free of sticks, and then precisely cut in accordance to Mazaya’s specifications, that then move on to the semi-automated blending phase where the leaves are carefully blended and turned with the remaining ingredients until it becomes homogeneous.
  • Top class flavor
  • 0.05% Nicotine
  • 100% Genuine Mazaya flavors
  • Components : Natural Plants, Molasses, Glycerin, Natural Flavor



1KG, 500GM, 250GM, 50GM


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