Our mission

  • Providing our customers worldwide with the best shish tobacco in Jordan.
  • Making sure that all products are 100% genuine.
  • Gain buyer satisfaction.  
  • Helping buyers to receive their products.
  • 24H SUPPORT 


Our Story

  • We opened our store locally in Jordan / Irbid in  2005, we use to sell the tobacco only in Jordan at that time, selling genuine items at a low price is our goal 
  • In 2015  and because of high customer requests from the UK, we shipped the first item and opened an eBay store for selling tobacco,  the service we provided led us to gain 100% positive feedback on eBay. 
  • In 2018 eBay changed the policy and restricts selling tobacco on eBay, to solve that issue, we launched our first website (HOOKAH2) and continued selling tobacco online. hookah2 website was limited with PayPal.
  • In March 2020, PayPal Changed its policy and stopped accepting any payments that related to any tobacco product, and from that point, we needed something new 
  • in November 2020, the Nargila4u website was launched online, this website has unlimited options, and from here we continue our services
  • we promise as before to provide the best hookah Tobacco molasses